A post from the dog: A review of Tucker Park

This blog post was written by Vienna, a six-year old Greyhound. All opinions are her own, possibly edited a bit by the cat, Harry Dresden, who assisted with the typing.

My mom will often read her blog posts to me and the cat. She likes writing about quiet places and calls herself an introvert. I don’t know what that means, really. But I like going to quiet places, too. Especially if there are squirrels, gophers, people, kids, bunnies…I like meeting them all. Mom says I’m not an introvert.

Since moving to Washington, my mom and I have been looking for interesting places to walk. I asked mom if she would write about Tucker Park. It’s a quiet place. She said she wasn’t planning to, but if I wanted to, I could. I didn’t know how to write a blog post, so I asked the cat. The cat sits by her all the time and watches her type. Sometimes, he gets up on the desk between her and the monitor and reads along as the words appear. He said it looked easy enough and was willing to give it a go.

So here we are.

The first thing I wanted to tell you about Tucker Park is that it is a great place to poop and pee–but the cat doesn’t think readers want to know that. Everyone is a critic! But it is. Far better than having a boring litter box, in my opinion. Mom cleans up after me. She says it’s one of those parks where you have to take it with you since there’s no waste bins for such stuff.

We’d been walking around the same old bit of the park for quite awhile. Weeks? Months? It’d gotten a bit boring, just walking around the children’s playground, the baseball fields and whatnot. Sometimes we’d circle around the multiple parking lots a couple times until we both got a bit worn down. It’s a lot colder in Washington than in Arizona where we lived last. It smells different. Mom says I might be smelling evergreen. It’s also very wet but I don’t mind. I’ve got a raincoat. It’s red. I look sharp in it.

One day, mom saw a couple just standing, looking at something. Turned out it was a map of the park. She read that there was something called a dog trail and so we set off to explore even further. That turned into a really exciting day for both of us. We found trails and there is a big area that is fenced in so that four-legged kids can run and play with others–while their parents get socialized too.

I can’t really play with other dogs that aren’t my breed. I have greyhound friends I play with. We understand each other. But I enjoy meeting other dogs and their parents on the trails. They all smell pretty interesting.

I haven’t really seen a whole lot of different dogs, so the dog area fascinates me. Mom tells me what breeds they are when I see someone new. Today, we saw a St. Bernard and a Beagle. There was a small dog that ran into the lake after a ball. I was so concerned. Mom said she was chasing after a ball and playing a game with her dad. I don’t understand that game. I like my stuffed animals at home. I rest my head on them and sometimes fling them through the air. I even make them squeak while mom is trying to read. That’s great fun.

The cat says he’s tired of typing and needs a nap. I think my bed might be calling me, too. I just wanted to let you know that Tucker Park is pretty neat and a great place to walk. It’s got a lot of quiet places to explore and sniff on your own but if you want to socialize, there’s some really nice places within the park for that, too.

With a hug and a lick, this is the dog signing out for now. The cat says you don’t end blog posts like that, but what does he know.


(Note from the cat: Tucker Park is found in Snohomish County, in Washington State if you wanted to know. If you’re curious like me, you can learn more by clicking on this link.

This blog post was updated 8/16/20

3 Comments on “A post from the dog: A review of Tucker Park

  1. Hi Vienna, this is Mouse in Queensland, Australia. Mum read me your post, and I really like the sound of Tucker Park. I wish we had something like that here, but at least I can walk on the beach and there’s a fenced dog park across the river where I meet other dogs and get to sniff a lot. I like your collar; I have to wear a green one with a code number on it which shows I’ve gone through the Greenhound program and I’m socialised, OK around small children and small fluffy things and won’t jump up. Still, I’m black like you, and the bright green looks good, especially with my matching leash. I retired at 2 years old from racing due to an injury, so Mum and Dad are really happy because they’ll have me around that much longer, plus it means I get to play the fool like a great big kid. Anyway, enjoy your visits to the park, and have some great zoomies! Mouse x

    • Hi Mouse! Mom is letting me reply to my very first comment! I didn’t know where Australia was, so I’ve just seen a map of the world for the first time. You look far away! I was 2 when I was retired. I hurt my back right leg–but wow, what a life I have now! My mom made me a Christmas stocking with my name on it and my collar was in it. Best socks ever! But why do you only get one sock and why are they so big? It’s confusing. Nice to meet you! Oh, how I wish we could play together! Love, Vienna.

      • Hi Vienna! I wish you could come to our dog park and play, or maybe come to the beach with me, the smells are really good! Just now, I’m lying on the bed between Mum and Day and she’s reading me your comment, but any minute now I’ll have to go and start murdering my toys so she knows it’s time for my walk. It gets too hot later in the day. I hope you do more walk reports, it’s fun hearing what there is to do over there. Mum always does trip reports when we go away camping with our trailer. Talk soon, Lick’n’sniff, Mouse.

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