Wednesday’s List #13-15

Life is full of amazing things! Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how many there are all around us when skies are grey and the wish is for one hint of what’s on the other side.

Wednesday’s List will hopefully serve you as a little pick-me-up. Simply three things to make you pause and ponder! Maybe you’ll like ’em, maybe you won’t, but I believe with a little imagination, mixed with a dash of pleasant memories, this ongoing list could be pretty fun.

Comment below if there’s one on today’s list that especially brings you joy!

13. A flash of lightning and the rumble of thunder.
14. A cozy rainy afternoon.
15. A good book.

3 Comments on “Wednesday’s List #13-15

  1. I have the last one, and am hoping for the first two today. The forecast is looking good. We’ll have to see what Mouse thinks about it, I haven’t seen him in a thunderstorm yet and he may be frightened.

    • I hope Mouse did well with the storm. Vienna does great with storms and neighborhood fireworks on holidays–which I’m glad for. The cat, not so much. He remains close to his big buddy, keeping an eye on her, but from his safety zone under the bed.

      • Mouse is the opposite. He completely hates thunderstorms and will stand there trembling and drooling, poor boy. We’ve got him a ThunderShirt, but I’m not entirely sure how much difference it makes.

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