A Dog’s Opinion on Snow

This blog post was written by Vienna, a seven year-old retired Greyhound. All opinions are her own, possibly edited a bit by The Cat (aka: Dresden) who assisted with the typing.

My mom is grumpy this morning. The white stuff is back. It’s all over the place outside, and boy is it cold. I’ve gone out in it a couple times now. I think it’s fun walking down to the mailbox and bouncing in it alongside Mom. Mom doesn’t think it’s fun. She has this heavy coat she wears. I think she looks funny in her big black coat. It covers her head. I look good in my red coat. It keeps me warm and dry just like Mom’s coat does her. But mine doesn’t cover my head. That would be silly.

Mom has put her big coat on this morning and she says I need to stay inside this time. Something to do about getting the car out from under the white stuff. The snow. The Cat can see it if he climbs his cat skyscraper to the top level. There’s a window up there where he can look down at the car and he says there’s six inches piled up on it. He thinks she’s going to be outside for awhile.

Not as bad as last year!

When mom is grumpy, I feel it. I try to make her happy by being super happy. Sometimes I get a little too excited and Mom trips over me trying to get somewhere. She knows I mean well, but now I’m trying to remember to stand back and wait for a bit. I tilt my head to the side and I watch her. I learn. I get rewarded if I get it right. Sometimes I just want to help Mom so bad I whine a bit. Just a little to get her attention and remind her I’m here if she needs me.

The Cat thinks that it would probably be best if we stayed out of her way this morning. I asked Mom if I could write another blog post, and she said that was a good idea. She opened up her laptop for The Cat so he could type. He likes it better than the desktop. The buttons are easier to push, he says.

So, we’re writing about snow today. It’s the white stuff that falls from the sky and is cold. It’s fun to play in and sometimes I bring in snow and The Cat even plays with it. It melts, and then we laugh when Mom finds a wet spot somewhere on the floor and wonders where it came from.

Snow is new to us. The Cat was born in Southern California near Riverside County, and I was in Mexico for awhile before being brought to San Diego where I met Mom. So, for several years, we lived where there was a lot of sun. Mom would even drive me to the beach. I didn’t like the water. Well, the ocean waves, anyway. Little weird. I had a plastic kid pool in the backyard at home just for me, though. On super hot days I loved sitting in it. I had a toy octopus that floated on the water. The Cat says he remembers the octopus.

Mom lived in Iowa for awhile. That’s where she saw snow for the first time. A lot of it. She tells us stories about it. We like to listen to them.

But I think Mom likes the beach more than she likes snow. That’s probably why she’s grumpy this morning. She likes the sand and being warm. I understand. I like how the beach smells and how it makes Mom happy. And I really like that it’s somewhere we can go together.

Last year was our first winter in the Pacific Northwest. For The Cat and I. Mom has been here before and been in snow here. It was really bad one year. She told us about a funny word in the newspapers. I can’t remember what it was.

(Editor’s note from The Cat: The headline in the newspaper that year was “Snowmageddon”. The city has limited resources when it comes to snow plows, so when it snows a lot, it can be a huge problem for humans wanting to get anywhere in their cars. Personally, I don’t see what’s wrong with staying home and having a nap on the couch with the heater on.)

My brother Dresden and I looking at snow for the first time in 2019.

This year doesn’t seem so bad. I remember Mom worrying last year that she couldn’t get my special food (I have allergies). There was a lot of snow and we got stuck at home. When she was able to get to the store, they didn’t have my special food because the trucks that fetch it hadn’t made it to the store yet. Then it snowed again pretty bad and we got stuck again. This year, Mom was super prepared. She says that because she’s super prepared this year, it won’t snow as bad. I think that’s clever. The Cat says she’s joking with us. I don’t know if he’s correct about that. Mom knows a lot of stuff about all kinds of things. I mean, how does she even know where to go to get our food? I think that’s pretty amazing, especially since she doesn’t use her nose to find her way.

Well, Mom has just come back in. She’s got some of the white stuff on her and she’s calling for me to put my red coat on. We’re going to walk down the driveway to the mailbox to see if the car can get out. I kinda hope it can’t. I like having Mom home all day. I seem to get more cookies on these snow days. I can’t wait to show her this post. Maybe I’ll get a cookie for this! That would be good. I love the peanut butter ones best. Or do I like the cheese ones best? Oh, I dunno. I think they’re both great!

The Cat will ask Mom for some help with adding pictures when we get back. He sits and watches Mom do it all the time, so I think he knows how to do it but he just pretends not to know. He sits with wide eyes and looks up at her and gives her a tiny “meow”. Pathetic. But he likes doing stuff with her. It’s just this thing he does to get a scratch behind his ears.

With a big smile and a lick, this is me signing out for now.

Until next time,


(Human’s note: This post was guest written by Vienna, a seven year-old retired Greyhound, with some assistance from The Cat, aka: Harry Dresden who is a five year old tabby. Vienna raced on the track until suffering an injury at 2 years old. She was rescued by volunteers at the Greyhound Adoption Center in El Cajon who drove down into Mexico and brought her to the center. She was rehabilitated and prepared for entering the home through interactions with volunteers called Turnout Partners (how Vienna first met her mom). She’s been tested to have a low-prey drive, making it possible for her to be in a home with a cat. The cat, who answers to the name Dresden, was just over four months old when Vienna joined the family. It was love at first sight between the two, and they share a very amazing and wonderful friendship.)

Click here for more information about the Greyhound Adoption Center.

2 Comments on “A Dog’s Opinion on Snow

  1. Hi Vienna, Mouse here. I’ve never seen snow, and I don’t think I’d like it… I live in the tropics, where it’s hot nearly all the time, and even when it isn’t hot it’s warm. We do get a lot of rain in the Wet, and I don’t like going out in that, I don’t like rain on my head, but sometimes I have to because the Wet goes on for weeks. We’re going on vacation soon, and I’ll get to go on the beach and chase the gulls and do zoomies and meet new doggos.

    • Hi Mouse! Tropics sounds fun. We lived in the Southwest for a bit. Super hot. Desert stuff. We had to walk early in the morning. Mom was careful about not burning my paws. Vacation sounds like lots of fun! Especially one with zoomies! Wish I could come. -Vienna

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