Hello brave new world

Self-reinvention in a world changed

I began 2020 doing some extraordinary brave things. I was a woman on a mission to go boldly where most introverts fear to tread. The idea was to really identify what brought me joy–and then do more of it throughout the year. I was trying new things left and right, meeting new people, joining organizations, and making plans to travel.

But then the most unexpected thing happened: a global health crisis. (And well, you already know this bit of the story.)

This blog post is the first big breath after a very long pause.


I’ve been on quite a journey these last four years. It began with the sudden ending of a twenty-one year relationship. The journey can’t be explained in a single blog post, but the process of rediscovering who I am and building a new life for myself has had its dark moments–and it has had its moments that have been laugh-out-loud ridiculous. Collectively, what I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve had create the foundation for this blog. I finally understand what it means to write what you know and I hope whoever is reading this, wherever you may be in this brave new world, you can benefit from my tales. Even if I’ve only made you laugh for a second or two, then I will feel an inordinate amount of success.

The relationship I have with The Universe

I’m pretty convinced that The Universe and I have come to an understanding. The understanding being that it is time for me to start living more in the present. Life is a gift–isn’t that why they call it the present?

I began my journey of transformation believing I had a clear idea how this sort of thing was supposed to go and how things would be when I finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel. But clearly, as we can all testify having experienced the events in 2020, there’s always the unexpected.

The lesson, or the message, that I should learn to live in the moment has been one I’ve been struggling to receive for some time.

To deliver this new concept, The Universe had to get my attention. This was done through giving me signs. Now, I’m not talking woo-woo moments of enlightenment, but actual, honest-to-goodness signs. Sometimes cardboard, and once in neon. I’m not too proud to say that I feel I’m a reasonably intelligent human being, but there are times I need life instructions spelled out for me clearly, and apparently, illuminated so bright I can’t miss it.

But there will be time to share these laughable moments. More on those signs later.

What remains a constant, steadfast companion

So, how many of us got the question wrong, when asked back in 2015, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I’m certainly in a different place than I ever imagined. I’m not even in the same state! The person I was five years ago had thought she’d finally reached a point in her life where there was security and safety. The person I am today, for all that she went through, is glad to be where she is now. Hard lessons learned, I’m here to say that the process of finding what truly brings you joy and how to keep bringing those moments of joy into your life is an amazing adventure. (It won’t always feel that way, but being able to look back and see where you’ve come from is incredible.)

Going back further than five years, I’m not that same person I was when I was a 3rd grader discovering what it meant to keep a daily journal. A seemingly innocent little purple and blue book with a pegasus on it changed my life. What it became for me was a life changing moment. It was the first meeting of something that would become like a best friend to me for the rest of my life: writing.

What remains possible in my life, and what has always brought me joy, is writing. As long as I can borrow a pencil or a pen from a generous stranger, I can probably find something to write on and regain a sense of normality no matter the tempest I’m in.

I was asked recently why I write. The long answer will be discovered in the posts of this blog, but the short one is, because I must.

I haven’t had a sign from The Universe telling me I should be doing anything else so I must be on the right path.

Changing course but remaining true to who I am

The world has changed, and after passing through the months of The Great Pause, I feel once again, a great and positive shift within me. It’s time to start writing again. It’s time to start creating. It’s once again time to be identifying what brings me joy and figuring out how to accomplish more of it in this changed world.

So I begin with this post…with words on a page and an invitation for you to share the journey. This blog is created around three things I value most in life: education, exploration and imagination. It is a celebration of those things in life which bring me joy. I hope it brings you some as well.


Quiet Endeavours is a blog about the simple things in life–sometimes told in a complicated, jumbled, and creative way–but always honestly expressed with a big heart. Posts are intended to not only entertain, but to hold true to three values held by the author: education, exploration, and imagination. It is written for an introverted community, and for any like-wired lovers of all the little endeavors and discoveries in life that bring great joy. To learn more, please visit the About Page.

Jennifer Monroe loves the broad smile of a dog, the shape of a square and a really good story. She is a Post-It Note addict who cherishes quiet moments with lavender lattes, frosted cupcakes and a mystery novel on a rainy day. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest amongst the evergreen, with a 45mph couch potato (retired Greyhound) and a chatty cat who gives excellent advice.

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