A dog’s opinion: On health, ferry rides, and family.

This blog post was written by Vienna, a seven-year old Greyhound. All opinions are her own, possibly edited a bit by The Cat, who assisted with the typing.

Hi everyone! Vienna here. With The Cat. He’s getting better at typing on a laptop, so we thought we’d do another blog post together.

Mom is in the other room sewing face masks for adult-sized humans. It was interesting to watch. At first.

Something new was happening in our home so I followed her every time she moved so I wouldn’t miss a thing. (The Cat watched from a distance. He too, was curious.) But it doesn’t really seem like something we can do with her as a family, so we’ve decided to take over her blog for the day.

We did ask.

She said that it’d be alright as long as The Cat didn’t get online to PetSmart.com and start placing orders.

A side note from The Cat: Hey, dog. I didn’t hear her say anything about Chewy.com, did you?

How is everybody feeling? Mom says a lot of humans have been sick lately. I love everybody! I wish I could meet you and hug you all. I’m sure I could help you feel a little better.

I was sick earlier this year. For a little bit. I was making some noise in the middle of the night and Mom woke up and found me. Said I was acting funny. She called it a seizure.

I don’t remember much about it. I feel fine now, but it was soon after that when Mom started making those face masks. She got all worried about The Cat and I. A lot of stuff is different right now, Mom says. Like, a lot of daily life stuff, whatever that means. So she was making and selling masks, saving the money she made from them in case The Cat and I needed it later for vet visits.

Yuck. Neither of us want to go to the vet. Seriously. Like, c’mon Mom. I’m fine.

The money would be better spent on cookies, in my opinion.

I don’t think The Cat eats cookies. Hmm. He might like a new fleece blanket instead. He likes to be warm and comfortable. All year. We don’t get very many warm sunspots now that we’re living in the Northwest.

I may not be able to help Mom make masks, but when her sewing machine broke and she needed to sniff out someone to repair it, I got to help! Lots of stores were closed at the time, so she had to drive with it across the water to an island. I guess the sewing machine had to go to the vet.

A side note from The Cat: Sewing machines don’t go to the vet, you big dork. Repairman. She found a repairman on Whidbey Island. You took a ferry from Mukiteo which was a first–even for Mom. But you guys did great. I’m glad you went with her, but I was waiting in the window for you both to return for some time. Glad you made it home safe. I was hungry.

Photo: Vienna on her first ferry. Her expression is one of pure joy.

We drove on the water! Well, kinda. We drove onto a big boat and the boat took us across a lot of water. Then, we drove off the boat. It was so much fun. But a truck slid into the back of us on the way home while we were on the boat. That made Mom a bit anxious, but the guy in the truck was friendly and all was fine with the cars so all was good.

Photo: A glimpse of a Washington State ferry.

I can feel when Mom is nervous or sad or happy. She feels a lot of stuff (I mean, whew, like a lot) and I pick up on it and love her accordingly. Sometimes I need to take her on a walk. Sometimes I need to socialize her. And sometimes she needs me to just be with her to watch movies together.

That Dr. Strange is pretty cool, by-the-way. I really liked that movie. Although honestly, I really don’t remember the plot now.

Photo: Vienna watches Doctor Strange on television.

No matter what Mom feels, it’s my job to be there in support. I have this really cool technique where I attach myself to her leg and lean in with my entire bodyweight.

A side note from The Cat: She doesn’t need help standing, Dog.

Ugh. The Cat and his side notes! Of course she doesn’t need help standing! It’s called a Greyhound Hug, Fuzzball.

Good grief.

This is what happens when you have a cat for a baby brother.

But it’s all good. Mom says everything will be fine, that Humans have a way of adapting and working things out. I believe it.

I love every Human that I see. I think it’s funny when Mom has to put on glasses to see a book in her lap. I’m a sighthound. I can see up to three miles away. It’s my superpower. Can you imagine if I ever had to wear glasses? Ha ha.

Well, I hope everybody out in the world reading this is doing okay. I’m grateful for my family. Even The Cat. I make jokes about him, but seriously, like, we were instant friends long before Mom even told me he was my baby brother. He’s adopted, of course. Like me. We both came from big families but I like being the only Greyhound in this family. It means every box of cookies is mine. All mine. Hurrah!

Time to ask Mom if she’ll add some photos for us, and then we’ll be ready to post this.

With a hug and a lick, this is Vienna and The Cat signing out for now. Take care everybody!

A note from The Cat: If you want to read our other posts, I’ll link them below. I don’t know why you’d want to read them. Especially the one on Tucker Park. The Dog mentions poop. It’s so embarrassing. But whatever.

Photo: Vienna with her mom, traveling across water on the ferry.

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Human’s note: This post was guest written by Vienna, a seven year-old retired Greyhound with some assistance from The Cat, aka: Dresden, who is a five-year old tabby. Vienna raced on tracks until suffering an injury at 2 years old. She was rescued by volunteers at the Greyhound Adoption Center in El Cajon who drove down into Mexico and brought her to the center. She was rehabilitated and prepped for entering a home through interactions and care from volunteers called Turnout Partners (how Vienna first met her mom). She’s been tested to have a low-prey drive, making it possible for her to be in a home with a cat. The Cat, who answers to the name Dresden, was just over four months old when Vienna joined the family. It was love at first sight between the two, and they share a very amazing and wonderful friendship.

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