Playlist: “Masterpiece” by Andy Grammer

Change your playlist. Change your life.

“When things change inside you, things change around you.”

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When life isn’t exactly reflecting the one you wanted or want to have, it’s easy to become stuck in patterns that won’t let you move up and forward into something desired. Even if you want change, you might not know how to–or where to–begin.

When I feel stuck in a moment that my heart and mind won’t let me get out of, I go searching to identify some new path of direction I can take. I bring my long list of questions to my desktop computer and begin my quest for something I don’t yet know that could change my life for the better.

One of the latest tips I discovered was a simple idea that got me thinking differently about raising myself up into a more positive level of energy: CHANGE YOUR PLAYLIST.

I’ve written more about this process in an earlier post–you can read it by clicking here–but let me introduce this first entry to an ongoing post I’ll be labeling as “Playlist”.

Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer is a multi-Platinum American singer/songwriter with an amazing podcast called “The Good Parts”. To learn more about him, you can go to his website by clicking here.

I had heard the song “Don’t Give Up on Me” on the radio, and ran to the library and checked out every CD of his available to me. Every new beginning needs some kind of anthem. I’d say “Masterpiece” has been mine since moving to the Pacific Northwest.

Sit back and enjoy listening to “Masterpiece” by Andy Grammer.

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