Create positive change by setting boundaries

A passage from Alicia Keys’ book “More Myself” helps to remind us how important it is to set boundaries for a more purposeful life.

I stumbled upon a video that really hit home with me. The discovery of it was perfectly timed. I had started working on a daily exercise called “Morning Pages” from a book called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron (more about this in a post to come later) and as the author said it might, these pages had started to reveal what was super important to me and what I needed to focus more time on. On the list was writing. I’ve known for some time that writing fuels my happiness, gives me energy and satisfies my need to be creative–but I wasn’t doing it enough. Something in my life needed to shift to allow that passion room to grow.

Creating time in the early morning hours, sometimes even before the sun rises, didn’t seem like a “boundaries” decision at first. But in reality, by putting it first in my day, I was making a statement to myself and to The Universe that it mattered. That I mattered to me. (Just more of that self-love stuff that I am slowly getting used to practicing, bit by bit, day by day.)

Then I saw this video and it struck me that I still had been feeling a little guilty about making the choice to do this for me. Guess I needed Alicia Keys to tell me it was A-Ok to make better decisions for myself.

Thank you, Alicia.

Sometimes, we just need a little bit of direction or encouragement. Not much. Sometimes just a little nudge does the trick to get us jump started in the right direction.

Enjoy this video. I hope it also gives you a little comfort or direction during these unprecedented times.

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