Wednesday’s List #16-18

One of the greatest game-changers in my life for getting through tough times, has been to maintain a daily habit of writing down one good thing about the day at the very end of it. The idea behind this? No matter how rough or challenging a day has been, you can always find something positive about it. Even if all you can muster recalling is “a good cup of coffee” or “a hot shower”. It gives the soul a little boost and refocuses the mind on the present moment rather than on fears or worries that sneak in and try to consume us.

I’ve added on to my daily “one positive thing” to include the practice of also writing down five things I’m grateful for. For example: my pets, a working car, a job, a quiet place to live, a new friend, a good book.

This week, fires on the West Coast of the United States have in some places, (like the Bay Area where I grew up in California), turned the blue sky a vibrant orange. The images coming out of areas like San Fransisco and Portland, Oregon have been both eerie and stunning. Fires in the eastern part of Washington State have been creating a toxic smoke filled sky which has reached as far as the Puget Sound.

As I write this, the smoke has gotten to the point where I can’t see the street at the end of my driveway.

To everyone affected by the fires, my heart goes out to you.

It’s certainly been a stressful year and I think it’s time for me to continue an ongoing stream of posts called “Wednesday’s List”. I will aim to do them every-other Wednesday following this one.

It is my intent that “Wednesday’s List” serve you as a little pick-me-up mid-week. It’s simply a list of three little things to make you pause and ponder! If something on the list brings you joy, please comment below or feel free to add your own three positive things from the week–I’d love to celebrate them with you. I think this ongoing list could be pretty fun. So let’s have at it:

What’s on your list this week? I invite you to share something positive below:

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