A Quiet Moment: In The Company of Goats

When I was asked if I wanted to tag along to pick up some goats, of course I said yes.

Did I know anything about goats? Nope. But I was very willing to enroll in Goat 101.

New knowledge? Go somewhere new? Experience being in a moving vehicle with three, four-month-old goats? Sign. Me. Up.

I’m not what you call a farm girl but I have loved animals since day one. The very first thing I ever wanted to be in life was a choreographer (according to a Kindergarten report that exists) but the first thing I consciously ever remember wanting to be in life was a Zookeeper. I’d been to the world famous San Diego Zoo early in life and it had left quite the impression. I had collected 100 stuffed animals and talked to them all as if I were Dr. Dolittle, so it felt like my calling.

Well, it was my calling until I proudly professed my intention to be a Zookeeper to the matriarch in my family…who promptly replied that being a Zookeeper wasn’t what I wanted to do…which led me to scratching my head and doubting myself.

There’s such a big life lesson here. One I keep being reminded of even in middle-age:

If you’re passionate about it, love it, and it brings you joy….do that. Or do more of it.
You know YOU, so do YOU!

But let’s return now to my goat story.

I felt like a kid in a candy store driving onto the rescue property and catching my first glimpse of a goat. Didn’t matter that this first goat wasn’t the one we were picking up. It was fantastic in the most bizarre of ways because I’d never had this sort of moment in my life before.

I met all kinds of different goats on the property. I listened as medical, grooming, and feeding needs were discussed.

Didn’t take much for this city girl to realize, whew, goats are a lot of work! (Says the older woman, but the inner child still remains fascinated.)

But oh wow, are they cute.

Three goats are now living close to where I do and I’m thrilled to be able to visit. One of them in particular, I’m already attached to. He has rested his head against my leg and spent several quiet moments with me.

It’s wonderful.

Sitting with goats, out in a field is the most serene, pastoral…what other words can I use to describe it? The turbulent months of 2020 have left me feeling exhausted and drained, and I know there are those of you out there reading this that can relate in your own way. I’ve not done the exploring I was planning in January to do throughout the year, nor participate in any of the new experiences I was eagerly filling in my calendar with and looking forward to attempting. But oddly enough, even though the change to daily life was abrupt and removed so much of what I was building up the courage to do with my life after divorce, I still have had some interesting experiences (that’s a little bit of a light-hearted joke). I even ended up having an adventure with goats.


Didn’t see that one coming. But much of 2020 has been unpredictable. So once again, here is yet another opportunity to practice what I believe I must learn to do: get used to the practice of following what brings me joy and venturing outside my comfort zone, which will in turn aid me in staying true to my commitment to personal growth and reinvention.

And this time, when I did say yes to doing something new, I found myself in yet another of my beloved quiet moments that restores my introverted soul.

It makes me laugh to think that I shared it with a trio of young goats. (Well, it was 95% quiet. One is a budding opera singer who can belt it out like you wouldn’t believe.)

What’s the next great unexpected quiet moment, I wonder?

I reply to my own question by saying, “I can’t wait to find out.”

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