Playlist: “Look for the Good” by Jason Mraz

I’m driving home from work and the CHECK ENGINE light comes on. “Oh no” is the first thought of many.

It’d been a time of great uncertainty leading up to the small illuminated warning. I’d just returned to full-time work as the city was just beginning to reopen businesses, but so many remained closed. I was wondering where to take my car and instantly worried about “how much”.

After finding a place that’s open, I ask about a loaner car. During a time of limited knowledge and cautiousness surrounding a highly contagious disease affecting millions, I’m caught in the middle of needing to go to work to pay for a car that…gets me to work to pay for its repairs. Both going to work and getting my car repaired feels like I’m risking my life and I’m trying to make the best decisions possible.

I’m given a car that is the latest and greatest version of the fifteen-year-old-one that needs to take a sick day. I am the first to drive this new vehicle which offers up some comfort. The “modern” feel of this car makes me feel grown-up somehow, despite the fact being middle-aged should already be making me feel that way. It has heated seats, a sunroof and a Bose sound system that offers me over 100 radio stations. Like the Beatles? There’s a station for that. Like Techno-Polka music? Well, you might be out of luck–but the point is there sure seemed to be pretty much something for everyone.

I start experimenting with the new-to-me-technology and a new song floods the Bose speakers. It’s by someone I’ve seen perform live at a charity event in Hollywood, CA. I’m immediately filled with good memories and a smile grows on my face. I reach for the volume knob and crank it to the right. For a little moment, all worries fade away. So…

Jason Mraz’s “Look for the Good” is my choice for this week’s Playlist post. I hope you enjoy listening and that you have a moment where your worries fade, too.

Jason Mraz is a Grammy winning, alternative singer/songwriter and guitarist. You can visit his website by clicking here.

About the Playlist

Change your playlist, change your life.

When life isn’t exactly reflecting the one you wanted or want to have, it’s easy to become stuck in patterns that won’t let you move up and forward into something desired. Even if you want change, you might not know how to–or where to–begin.

When I feel stuck in a moment that my heart and mind won’t let me get out of, I go searching to identify some new path of direction I can take. I bring my long list of questions to my desktop computer and begin my quest for something I don’t yet know that could change my life for the better.

One of the latest tips I discovered was a simple idea that got me thinking differently about raising myself up into a more positive level of energy: CHANGE YOUR PLAYLIST.

I’ve written more about this process in an earlier post–you can read it by clicking here.

This is the second entry to an ongoing thread labeled as “Playlist”. Miss the first one? Click here.

2 Comments on “Playlist: “Look for the Good” by Jason Mraz

    • I love listening to this one. It’s a great way to start the day, I think. 🙂

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