Month: October 2020

Wednesday’s List #22-24

Focus on the good One of the greatest game-changers in my life for getting through tough times, has been to maintain a daily habit of writing down one good thing about the day at the very end of it. The idea behind this? No… Continue Reading “Wednesday’s List #22-24”

Playlist: “What the world needs now is love” by mat and savanna shaw

In March of 2020, I was several weeks into a new job when word spread that everyone was being sent home for an uncertain amount of time. Everyone needed to be out of the office and home safely by 5:00p.m. the following day–and unless… Continue Reading “Playlist: “What the world needs now is love” by mat and savanna shaw”

Something Different

My recent interaction with goats got me thinking about the scene in the 1965 movie “The Sound of Music” where Maria and the Von Trapp children stage a marionette show about a lonely goat herd. Having not seen the musical in some time, I… Continue Reading “Something Different”