Playlist: “What the world needs now is love” by Mat and Savanna Shaw

In March of 2020, I was several weeks into a new job when word spread that everyone was being sent home for an uncertain amount of time. Everyone needed to be out of the office and home safely by 5:00p.m. the following day–and unless you were going somewhere absolutely essential, you were told to remain at home. A co-worker, as he packed up his belongings, remarked that it felt like the last day of school and added, rather sheepishly, that it also felt like the beginning of the end of days.

As much as I need and enjoy quiet moments in my life, isolation is a completely different beast. In the first several months after my divorce I experienced a very painful period of isolation. I knew I didn’t want to go down that lonely road again, and so, trusting my instincts, I stepped into a piano showroom and rented a small upright. This, I had decided, was how I was going to keep my mind positively engaged.

I was last on the delivery route, and it arrived late in the evening of the day before all non-essential businesses went dark. Seeing it in my living room has been like having a childhood friend visiting. It’s been so much fun.

I have been comforted these last six months by all the at-home videos made by musicians all over the world. Some professionals, but not all. Singers on balconies, violinists in living rooms, chamber orchestras meeting on Zoom… During scary times, the world embraced music as a coping mechanism and technology connected us to these extraordinary moments to help us all feel a little less isolated.

This is how I discovered a father and daughter duo living in Utah. Savanna Shaw wanted a way to keep in contact with her friends in her choir group. Up until the pandemic, she hadn’t been on social media at all. So together with her dad Mat, they created a YouTube channel singing duets together. Months later, they have fans around the world and have been featured on several popular television programs. I have enjoyed following them, and am interested to see where their success takes them.

Mat and Savanna Shaw’s duet, “What The World Needs Now Is Love” is my choice for this week’s Playlist post. With several more months of 2020 still remaining to soldier through, it’s the song we need to keep us going. I hope you enjoy listening.

Mat and Savanna Shaw are a father and daughter duet team from Utah. They create videos on YouTube with the intent to “Share Hope and Spread Joy”. You can learn more about them and support them on their Patreon page by clicking here.

About the Playlist

Change your playlist, change your life.

When life isn’t exactly reflecting the one you wanted or want to have, it’s easy to become stuck in patterns that won’t let you move up and forward into something desired. Even if you want change, you might not know how to–or where to–begin.

When I feel stuck in a moment that my heart and mind won’t let me get out of, I go searching to identify some new path of direction I can take. I bring my long list of questions to my desktop computer and begin my quest for something I don’t yet know that could change my life for the better.

One of the latest tips I discovered was a simple idea that got me thinking differently about raising myself up into a more positive level of energy: CHANGE YOUR PLAYLIST.

I’ve written more about this process in an earlier post–you can read it by clicking here.

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    • Excellent! Glad to hear it! I love creating them.

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