Wednesday’s List #28-30

It’s back! An invitation to come and celebrate the little things in life!

Hello, my friends and welcome to yet another Wednesday. We’ve made it to the middle of the week and it’s time for some positivity to get us the rest of the way to Friday and the weekend!

Here’s the scoop on what Wednesday’s List is, for those joining us for the first time:

Focus on the good

One of the greatest game-changers in my life for getting through tough times, has been to maintain a daily habit of writing down one good thing about the day at the very end of it. The idea behind this? No matter how rough or challenging a day has been, you can always find something positive about it. Even if all you can muster recalling is “a good cup of coffee” or “a hot shower”, it gives the soul a little boost and refocuses the mind on the present rather than on fears or worries that sneak in and try to consume us.

In addition to my daily practice of writing down “one positive thing” that has happened during the day, I have begun including five things I’m grateful for in a journal. For example: my pets, a working car, a job, a quiet place to live, a new friend, a good book. This gratitude list has become an essential part of my morning routine and I invite you to try it. I know it’s helped me focus on the good when my brain wants to wander off on paths it shouldn’t even begin on–and it’s helped sort out what truly matters in life for me.

Consider your own list

When life gets a little crazy, sometimes we need that little reminder that blue skies still exist on the other side of the clouds–that they’re always there.

It’s my intent that “Wednesday’s List” serve as a little pick-me-up mid-week. It’s simply a list of three things to make you pause and ponder. Maybe it’ll bring to mind some (little or big) things that are bringing joy to your life right now.

If you can relate to something on the list, please comment below or feel free to add your own three positive things from the week–I’d love to celebrate them with you.

I think this ongoing list could be pretty fun to work on as a community, so here’s my entry for this week:

What’s on your list this week? Please share something positive below:

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