Wednesday’s List #37-39 – I heard it said more than once this week, “It could’ve been so much worse.”

They say bad things tend to happen in sets of three. Being the overachiever that I am, I decided to go above and beyond. So, for my Wednesday’s List this week, I have some mighty big items to be grateful for.

But first, a recap of what this reoccurring thread is all about.

Focus on the good

One of the greatest game-changers in my life for getting through tough times, has been to maintain a daily habit of writing down one good thing about the day at the very end of it. The idea behind this? No matter how rough or challenging a day has been, you can always find something positive about it. Even if all you can muster is to say, “I had a good cup of coffee” or “the shower worked”, it gives the soul a little boost and refocuses the mind on the present rather than on fears or worries that sneak in and try to consume us.

Consider your own list

When life gets a little crazy, sometimes we need that little reminder that blue skies still exist on the other side of the clouds.

It’s my intent that my “Wednesday’ List” serve as a little pick-me-up mid-week. It’s simply a list of three things to make you pause and ponder. Maybe it’ll bring to mind some (little or big) things that are bringing joy to your life right now.

Share with our community

If you can relate to something on the list, please comment below or feel free to add your own three positive things from the week–I’d love to celebrate them with you.

I think this ongoing list could be pretty fun to work on together, so here’s my entry for this week.

A little backstory

It began with me waiting for a phone call that had been scheduled with my doctor. I was in my car, and I decided to have my lunch while I waited. I bit down into the softest sourdough bread you can imagine, and heard a snap. I pulled out a tooth and with it would come the bad news of the cost to get it fixed.

I’m grateful there was no pain.

Then, a co-worker texted me to inform me that they thought my back tire looked low. I drove it over to a tire center and found out I had not one, but three nails taking up residence in two of my tires. I had planned to go home early that day, but instead, was waiting for nearly three hours–which put me in commuter traffic.

I’m grateful I didn’t try to drive home and get stranded along the way.

I’m grateful the tire center took me and fixed it for free. All others after me were turned away. It was explained to me that the local construction was causing a lot of issues and they were swamped with people coming in with nails.

My boyfriend was in a car accident.

I’m grateful he wasn’t hurt, that the person who hit him was kind and asked him if he was okay, and above all, I’m grateful for every time he’s come to see me and arrived safe and sound.

A wire came loose and didn’t prevent a power surge in my home. It gave me quite the scare-and my groceries bought the day before with my vaccination bonus ended up in the trash.

I’m grateful it wasn’t worse. I smelled burning electrical that morning after my lights got super bright and then everything went dark. It turned out that my surge protector strips did exactly what they were meant to do, and the loss was minimal. I did find three burn marks–a reminder that electricity is something not to be messed with.

I am grateful my pets and I are safe.

I am grateful to USAA insurance for helping to replace my grocery loss.

And then, there was that matter of the 100 foot tree that fell three days later.

I am grateful it didn’t come through the roof of my home. A portion of it landed a foot from my bedroom window.

I am grateful for the new release of the movie Dune. If my boyfriend and I hadn’t left for the movie in his rental, my boyfriend would’ve had to explain what happened to his rental car–the one he was driving because of the car accident two weeks earlier. Where he had been parking only hours earlier was knee-high in tree parts upon our return.

I am grateful again, that my pets are safe…and that it wasn’t worse.

A pro tip

So my friends, if there is one–or two things–to be learned from this post of woe, may it be this:

  1. Always look for the positive no matter what…and
  2. Buy those surge protector strips!

Stay healthy and safe, my friends.

Now, let’s hear from you. Tell me something positive below.

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  1. For my friends who cheer me up
    For the opportunity to work on projects with others
    For Zoom which enables me to talk to people all over the world

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