Pleased to meet you: An introduction

Welcome to my blog about the simple things in life–sometimes told in a complicated, jumbled, and creative way–but honestly expressed, and with heart.

Created with good intentions and a sprinkle of imagination, I hope what you find here broadens your smile, inspires, and just makes your day a little better during these very interesting times we live in.

When I began this blog, I was looking to reinvent myself after a painful life-changing moment on my personal timeline. I began with an empty canvas and started creating a new vision of who I wanted to become. I was working towards that vision with a vengeance when March 2020 brought my canvas right back to white again. Now, in this moment, I’m looking at all that white as an invitation for possibly–and thinking about what comes next.

I know for certain there are some colors I want to return. For me, that includes the joy that comes from reading, writing, creating, traveling, and experiencing new things. How I experience those joys has changed a bit since 2020. Some pathways have closed because of the pandemic. Some are slowly trying to reopen. And there are new ones waiting to be discovered if I just keep my internal compass pointed in the right direction.

We’re all experiencing loss. We all need a little good news. We long for belonging and connection after such a long period of isolation and quarantines. In each our own way, we’re all artists working to paint our own masterpieces again.

So with all of that in mind, I invite you to follow along with me as I continue to tell this story of a life reinvented. It’s an introvert’s tale for like-wired lovers of all the little endeavors and discoveries in life that bring us great joy.

Welcome, and thanks for reading.


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