Writer In A World Changed

One of my favorite questions to ask is, what if? It’s a question that has guided me down many interesting roads of thoughts and actions – in both those times when I’ve begun writing a tale of fiction, and in my own life, whenever unexpected events have placed me on a new path of reinvention and discovery.

My second favorite question has to be, why? Sometimes it gets phrased a little differently, but no matter what form it takes, this question is fueled by my passion for learning about other people, places, and things. It is the question children love to ask, and I think sometimes as adults we should be asking this one a little more often than we do.

Perhaps the most frequently used question that I didn’t always verbalize in 2020 was…what on earth? And I still use that one quite a bit as I go about my daily activities, living in a world transformed dramatically by a pandemic and so much more.

But my favorite question will always be, what if, because I am hopelessly addicted to the idea that life can get better and whatever your goals or aspirations may be, they can be achieved. What if I keep believing I can have a successful blog? What if I go about it differently than I’ve ever attempted it before? What if this actually works this time?

So many questions!

When I started my very first blog in 2006, I had no idea what I was doing. It might be said that I still don’t know what I’m doing and I think this time, I’m okay with that. The world has changed, I’ve changed, and the questions what if and why are being asked a little bit differently – perhaps with a different intent behind them – because they too need to be adaptable, like us, in this new era.

Perhaps I’m finally, exactly where I need to be at the right time now – supplied with the right questions – but better equipped to receive the answers. I’d like to think so anyway.

Welcome to a new version of my blog, and of me.

Now. Let’s really begin, shall we?

2 responses to “Writer In A World Changed”

  1. I love all your blog posts including this one.


    1. Jennifer R Monroe Avatar
      Jennifer R Monroe

      I love that you love it, and thank you for your continuous support!!!


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