5 Life Lessons 2022 Insisted I Learn: Lesson 1 of 5

5 Life Lessons 2022 is a series of five posts that will appear over the next couple months on http://www.QuietEndeavours.com. I hope you’ll want to follow along. Consider subscribing to receive new content in your inbox.

It’s October, and I struggled a bit with the naming of this series. A reflective look back at a year doesn’t normally start showing up from other bloggers and news streams until December, but I decided to run with it. It hasn’t exactly been a normal year, so the title and timing feels like what it needs to be.

Knowing that there is still a good bit of time left in 2022, I’m remaining open to the fact that I might have to change the title a bit if the year isn’t done teaching (or reminding me of, as the case may be), its big life lessons. So we shall see how this goes, and I appreciate your understanding with my edits.

And in saying that, I might’ve just found the perfect lead-in to the first lesson on my list:

BE ADAPTABLE WITH YOUR DREAMS. Don’t be afraid to start completely over…as many times as you need to…and maybe this time around, slow down a bit, and keep it simple.

To be honest, this lesson began in 2020, and I suspect, many of you had to learn this as well. In January of 2020 I was in the best shape of my life, I was slowly acclimating into groups for activities I enjoyed, or wanted to learn more about, and I had a plan to get certified for a new career. It was three years of hard work getting to that point after surviving a painful life event that had stripped me of my identity and sense of security.

Then everything changed again. Dramatically. In a far greater scale than in my own little personal world. It was change on a global scale.

When the gym I was going to finally reopened, prices had doubled and the classes and favored equipment that had been so much a part of my daily routine were gone. The social groups I had participated in? Gone. And the certification I’d hoped to acquire didn’t seem like a viable option in light of the pandemic still ongoing. Gone.

Learning to drive again

In 2021, if my life were a car, I was having troubles getting it started again. I had a couple times when the engine revved, but it never got back on the highway quite like I remembered. I was kinda stuck on a quiet, lonely, back road with no signs clearly telling me where I was headed, and going the speed of something that resembled a crawl.

Then, one day, life sped up. Whoa, did it speed up! It sped up faster than I had expected it to. I was now this torn soul that had the same dreams – but I was living in a world with completely different rules. Around me, people were seemingly jumping right back into the fast lane and doing great things. I was wondering how they were doing it. I didn’t feel ready to join them and what I’d known and enjoyed before 2020…was never going to be replicated in the same joyful way.

It was…frustrating. Depressing. Exhausting.

Comfort came when I saw a little quote (author unknown):

Don’t be afraid to start over. It gives you a chance to build something better.

And there’s a few different variations of it which deserve a mention:

Don’t be afraid to start over this time. You’re not starting from scratch. You’re starting from experience.

I have grown comfortable in the slow lane. I see more of the scenery and have time to read the signs that show up along the way. I’ll travel there as long as I need to while I look for my best roadmap forward.

Don’t be afraid to start all over again. You may like your new story better.

Beginning again at an honest place and pace

I really struggled to find my writing voice in 2020 and in 2021. This year, I decided I wanted it back in whatever form it would take. I got online to my website and found it…no, actually, I didn’t find it at all. There was a blank page that said “Coming soon”. Well, true enough, but it wasn’t what I’d expected to find!

Oh, silly me, there’s that world changing on me again. The format for my website was no longer being supported by my host. I needed to start completely over designing it. So I decided to do exactly that. Start completely over. Delete. Delete. Delete. Clarify.

Lesson one. Learned.

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