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One of my favorite questions to ask is, what if? It’s a question that has guided me down many interesting roads of thoughts and actions – in both those times when I’ve begun writing a tale of fiction, and in my own life, whenever unexpected events have placed me on a new path of reinvention…

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The About Me Blurb

Who writes this stuff, anyway?

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I’d like to thank you for joining me on this amazing adventure called life. Nothing else gives me more joy than writing, creating, and organizing. I created Quiet Endeavours because I am passionate about activities that are generally done in quiet solitude, and yet, I still enjoy the thoughtful company of my fellow introverts…when I can find them. Quiet Endeavours is intended to be an inviting and safe place for like-minded people to gather.

You’re reading a lot about me in my posts, but here’s the bio blurb you’re expecting:

I love the broad smile of a dog, the shape of a square, and a really good story from a random stranger. I am a Post-It Note addict who cherishes quiet moments with lavender lattes, and a mystery novel on a rainy day.

I have sat and spoken with Dr. Watson at 221b Baker St. in London, discovered Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox amongst the redwoods of California, and stood in the footprints of Charlie Chaplain while waiting to dine in the company of Muppets.

I have professionally sewn clothing for imaginary characters, historical figures, and larger-than-life animals. I am now a writer with a day job.

I live in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by evergreen, but I am a California girl at heart, always longing for the ocean. I am a mother to a 45mph couch potato and a chatty tabby who gives excellent advice.

I have many favorite quiet endeavours and value learning, creating, and exploring.

Welcome to my blog.

And now for the visual.
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