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Playlist: “Look for the Good” by Jason Mraz

I’m driving home from work and the CHECK ENGINE light comes on. “Oh no” is the first thought of many. It’d been a time of great uncertainty leading up to the small illuminated warning. I’d just returned to full-time work as the city was… Continue Reading “Playlist: “Look for the Good” by Jason Mraz”

A Quiet Moment: In The Company of Goats

When I was asked if I wanted to tag along to pick up some goats, of course I said yes. Did I know anything about goats? Nope. But I was very willing to enroll in Goat 101. New knowledge? Go somewhere new? Experience being… Continue Reading “A Quiet Moment: In The Company of Goats”

Hello brave new world

Self-reinvention in a world changed I began 2020 doing some extraordinary brave things. I was a woman on a mission to go boldly where most introverts fear to tread. The idea was to really identify what brought me joy–and then do more of it… Continue Reading “Hello brave new world”