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Playlist: “What the world needs now is love” by Mat and Savanna Shaw

In March of 2020, I was several weeks into a new job when word spread that everyone was being sent home for an uncertain amount of time. Everyone needed to be out of the office and home safely by 5:00p.m. the following day–and unless… Continue Reading “Playlist: “What the world needs now is love” by Mat and Savanna Shaw”

Playlist: “Look for the Good” by Jason Mraz

I’m driving home from work and the CHECK ENGINE light comes on. “Oh no” is the first thought of many. It’d been a time of great uncertainty leading up to the small illuminated warning. I’d just returned to full-time work as the city was… Continue Reading “Playlist: “Look for the Good” by Jason Mraz”

Create positive change by setting boundaries

A passage from Alicia Keys’ book “More Myself” helps to remind us how important it is to set boundaries for a more purposeful life. I stumbled upon a video that really hit home with me. The discovery of it was perfectly timed. I had… Continue Reading “Create positive change by setting boundaries”